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Your Lucky Nail Colour Based on Your Star Sign

Whether you’re feeling extra lucky or just want to show off your personality, your nail color can say a lot about you. If you’re looking for a new hue to try, look to the stars—literally. Check out which polish is perfect for your sign.


According to astrology, the lucky colour for people with their sun in Aries is red. Wearing this colour is said to bring them luck, energy and confidence.

Red is a powerful colour that has been associated with Aries since ancient times. It is the colour of fire and passion, and it embodies all the qualities of this sign: courage, strength, determination and willpower.

Wearing red is said to increase your confidence and make you feel more alive and dynamic. If you are feeling low or need a boost of energy, try wearing something red. It may just be the lucky charm you need! 

For Aries we recommend: Noir Catwalk Palette



Taurus is an earth sign, and as such, they are drawn to colours that ground and center them. For this reason, shades of green are considered lucky for those born under this sign. From olive to emerald, these hues represent growth, fertility, and abundance - perfect for a sign that is all about stability and security. Earthy colours such as browns, beiges and more wood-based tones also match the grounded and immovable nature of a Taurus.

While any shade of green or earth-tone can be lucky for a Taurus, there are some that are thought to be extra fortuitous. For example, mint green is said to bring good luck in financial matters, while forest green can help attract love and prosperity. No matter what shade you choose, incorporating green into your life is sure to bring some extra good fortune your way.

For Taurus we recommend: Miss Belladonna Palette


For the Gemini star sign, any shimmering colour is considered lucky. This is because Gemini is represented by the twins, and is therefor multi-faceted. As a result, any colour that gives off a duality vibe is perfect for this sign.

Gemini should experiment with different shades and hues to find their perfect lucky colour, and find something that speaks to their innermost desires. Lucky colours for Gemini can be anything from a soft pink to a deep blue. The key is to find a shade that makes them feel good about themselves and their place in the world.

For Gemini we recommend: Diving into Tropics; Rose & Brunch



Those born under this sign are known for their caring and nurturing nature. They are also very in tune with their emotions.

When it comes to lucky colours, Cancerians should go for shades that represent their caring and nurturing side. Pale pink is a great colour for Cancerians as it represents care and compassion. Another lucky colour for Cancerians is green, which symbolises growth and new beginnings.

Cancerians should also avoid colours that are too harsh or aggressive IF they are going through a stressful event in their lives. Bright reds or oranges can be too stimulating for Cancerians during stressful times. Instead, they should stick to softer hues that make them feel at ease until the cause of their stress has been resolved.

For Cancer we recommend: Diving Into Tropics



As a Leo, you are known for being confident, ambitious and optimistic. You are also loyal and protective of those you love. Your ruling planet is the Sun, which means you are full of energy and always ready for a good time.

If you're a Leo looking for a little extra luck, consider painting your nails in one of these three lucky colors. Orange is said to bring good luck and vitality to those born under the sign of Leo. Red is also a lucky color for Leos, symbolizing courage and strength. Gold is also considered a lucky color for this sign, representing success, abundance, and luxury. For something a little different, go for some yellow as well as this will bring out the happy, protective and energetic elements of a Leo.

For Leo we recommend: Noir Catwalk



As a Virgo, you are known for your hard work and dedication. You strive for perfection in everything that you do. When it comes to your nails, you want them to look their best at all times. Lucky for you, there are certain nail colours that will help bring out the best in you.

One of your lucky colours is blue. This colour represents loyalty and trustworthiness, two qualities that are very important to you. Blue also has a calming effect, which can be helpful when you're feeling stressed out.

Nude tones are another lucky colour for Virgos. These colours represent simplicity and refinement, two traits that are very important to you. 

Cool tones such as grey and silver are also lucky and classy colours for Virgos. They also bring refinement and allows Virgos to collect themselves in any situation, no matter how difficult or stressful.

For Virgo we recommend: Diving Into Tropics; Rose & Brunch


As a Libra, you are attracted to beauty and harmony. You have a natural affinity for warm tones. Your lucky nail colours are those that evoke a sense of romance and femininity.

While your sign is associated with the colors blue and pink, any pastel shade is bound to bring you some good fortune. Light blue is said to be especially lucky for Libra, as it's the color of the sky and symbolizes peace and harmony. Pink is associated with love, compassion and healing. It's the perfect hue to represent your kind-hearted nature, and is also favourable as it symbolises abundance and fertility. Wearing any pink can help you manifest your desires into reality.

Rosey pink is another auspicious colour for Libra. It signifies love, grace and elegance.

For Libra we recommend: Rose & Brunch


The most lucky nail colours for Scorpio are deep red, burgundy, and black. These colours represent passion, power, and intensity – all qualities that are associated with the Scorpio zodiac sign. Wearing these colours on your nails is said to attract positive energy and good vibes into your life. So if you’re looking for a little extra luck in your life, be sure to try out one of these Scorpion-approved nail colours!

Black is always a good choice for Scorpios. It represents power, mystery, and intensity. Deep red is another excellent choice for Scorpios as it symbolizes passion, courage, and strength. Burgundy is also a good fit as It signifies ambition, luxury, and sophistication.

For Scorpio we recommend: Miss Belladonna; Noir Catwalk



If you're a Sagittarius, you're known for being optimistic, independent and adventurous. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which is associated with good fortune and luck. So what are the best nail colours to wear if you want to attract more luck into your life?

According to colour psychology, reds and gold colours is lucky for Sagittarians. It's associated with joy, enthusiasm and creativity. Wearing these colours can help you feel more confident and optimistic, which can in turn lead to better luck.

Another lucky colour for Sagittarians is blue. This calming hue is said to promote peace of mind and clarity of thought. If you're feeling stressed or overwhelmed, try wearing blue to help you relax and think more clearly.

Finally, green is also considered a lucky colour for those born under the Sagittarius sign. Green represents growth, abundance and new beginnings.

For Sagittarius we recommend: Noir Catwalk; Miss Belladonna



Capricorn is associated with the planet Saturn. Those born under this sign are hard workers who are ambitious and disciplined. They are also patient and practical, which can be seen in their approach to life and work.

While there are many colours that can represent these qualities, some hues are luckier than others for those born under the sign of Capricorn. Brown, black, and grey are all considered lucky colours for Capricorns. These colours represent stability, strength, and wisdom. They also convey a sense of responsibility and authority, which is fitting for this sign.

Light tones such as white, cream and cherry-blossom pink can also be favourable for Capricorns. These hues represent purity and innocence, which can be seen as positive qualities for this sign.

For Capricorn we recommend: Miss Belladonna; Rose & Brunch



Aquarius lucky colours are those that are associated with the lofty clouds and subtle colours of this air sign. The best colours for Aquarius are white and blue, as they represent the clear and open mind of this sign.

 Aquarius is a sign that is known for its high ideals and strong sense of justice. This air sign is also known for its love of freedom and its need for space. As such, the best colours for Aquarius reflect these qualities. White represents the purity of Aquarius’s intentions, while blue symbolizes the open mind of this sign.

 Clear colours like white and blue are also said to be lucky for Aquarius, as they help to bring out the natural beauty of this sign. These colours can help Aquarius to feel more confident and secure in themselves, which is always a good thing.

For Aquarius we recommend: Diving Into Tropics


Pisces are the dreamers of the zodiac, and their lucky colours reflect that. Pisces lucky colours are any shades of blue, from the lightest sky blue to the deepest navy. Blue is a calming colour that helps Pisces relax and feel at peace.

 Green is also a lucky colour for Pisces, as it represents new beginnings and growth. Green is associated with the planet Mercury, which governs communication and commerce. This makes green a good colour for Pisces who are looking to start a new business or project.

Finally, silver is a lucky colour for Pisces because it represents intuition and psychic ability. Silver is also associated with the moon, which governs emotions and mood swings. This makes silver a good choice for Pisces who are looking to tap into their psychic abilities or who need some emotional stability in their lives.

 For Pisces we recommend: Diving Into Tropics

Remember to have fun with choosing your nail colour based on your star sign! With so many options, you can start by using our nail gel palettes. Whether you want to go for one colour or multiple on your nails, we have the palette for you!





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