Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can I Use Ambedo Gels Without an LED Lamp?

A: The LED lamp is what dries the gel on your nails and is essential as this type of gel will not dry by itself. With our quick-dry 36W LED Lamp, you will get faster drying results without harming your nails in the process.

Q: Is It Hard To Remove The Gel Nail Polish?

A: Removing the solid nail gel polish is easy using our foil nail gel remover wraps. Just file down the top coat and wrap the foils that contain acetone around each nail, give it about 10 minutes and voilà! The gel should come off easily.

Q: What Should Each Layer (Base Coat, Gel Colour, Top Coat) feel like after curing with the LED Lamp?

 A: Each layer has a different set feel. The base coat should still feel sticky after setting. This allows the base to grip the gel colour better. Gel colours will not feel as sticky as the base coat, but will still have a slightly tacky finish. It will harden but does not have the same texture as the top coat. The top coat will tighten and set/seal the gel nails and the finished texture is hard and shiny.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Dry The Gel Under The LED Lamp?

A: We recommend putting your nails under the lamp for 60-90 seconds per coat.
Base Coat: 60-90 seconds. The base coat may still feel very slightly sticky after this time but this is normal. Base coats do not feel solid like the gel colour or top coat after it has solidified.
Solid Nail Gel: 60-90 seconds per coat.
Top Coat: 60-90 seconds. As the top coat dries under the lamp you may feel heat and a tightening sensation on your nails. This is completely normal and will subside quickly while drying. The top coat will feel smooth to the touch once dry.

Note: the LED Lamp does not require charging before use. It will only turn on while plugged in. When not in use keep it unplugged and stored away.

Q: Will Sunlight Affect The Gels?

Because the Sun emits UV rays, it will have a drying effect on gel polishes. Please avoid having your palette open near windows where sunlight can reach, as this will start curing the gels from within the palette. Normal lights used in the home will not effect the gels. The most important thing to remember is: Any light source which emits LED/UV will dry the gels, while lights that don't emit these will not dry them.

Q: Can I Wear These Gels Without Using The Base And Top Coat?

A: As stated in the above question, yes you can wear the gels by itself. HOWEVER, we highly recommend using both the base and top coat from the Ambedo range to achieve the best application and longest-lasting results.

Q: What Is The Difference Between Gel Polish And Traditional Polish?

A: The main differences:
1. Traditional polishes dry naturally, Gel polishes do not (they require a LED lamp)
2. Gel polishes last longer than traditional polishes
3. Gel polishes do not easily chip like traditional polishes
And our gels are even better than normal gels because of its easy-to-apply solid cream texture!

Q: Can I make the effects of the magnetic Cat-Eye Gel designs stronger?

A: Absolutely! Just remove the magnet from its plastic casing and its magnetic effects will be stronger on the Cat-Eye Gels.

Q: How much glue do I need to use for the Bio-Cellulose nail glue? 

A: You do not need to use a lot of glue to set acrylics or nail tips to your nails, generally less than a pea size amount depending on the nail size. The most important part is to have just enough glue to cover the entire nail when attaching the nail tip or acrylic.

Q: How do I apply the glue to my nail? 

For a step-by-step on applying, check out the How To Apply in the product description here

Q: How do I remove the nail glue?

Create a small space between the nail tip/acrylic and your nail using an orange stick or cuticle pusher. Then spray some alcohol and allow to soak through the glue. The nail tip should come off your nail without any need for scraping, and more alcohol can be sprayed onto the false nail to remove any glue residue. After removing the glue, the nail tipcs/acrylics can then be reused.