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Brush Preparation & Cleaning

  • Apply a small amount of Ambedo Stronger With You Base Coat to a flat surface (ie. a small dish etc) 
  • Coat your cleaned nail brush by dipping it in the base coat until all the bristles are covered
  • Dip the nail brush into your chosen Solid Gel colour. A small amount on each side of the brush
  • Apply to your nails and see how easy it is to get an even layer! 

Brush Cleaning

  • After using the brush or when swapping to another gel colour, use rubbing alcohol or the alcohol pads provided in the nail care set to wipe away any residual gel.
  • Acetone-based removers can also be used to remove the residual gels.
  • Make sure you put your brush away somewhere safe (AKA in your palette) so that it does not collect dust until your next nail sesh!